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Major Facebook changes coming: report

Facebook The world’s most popular social network is set to roll out some major changes to its user’s profile pages, a report suggests.

But what sort of changes? Is everything going to be moved around? Are you going to be confused and is your privacy at risk?

According to Mashable, Facebook will unveil a “major redesign” of profile pages at its f8 developer conference on Thursday.

What can we expect? Details are scarce, but two sources told the blog that the changes will make profile pages more “sticky” and there is a very good chance that there may be music/media components involved.

Lastly, there is word that the new profiles will have an emphasis on “social ecommerce.”

So can these rumours be true? Or is it mostly fluff? I think there is some strong evidence here...

Lately, Facebook has been facing growing competition from Google, which has launched the Google+ social network and more recently, Google Wallet (a service to help shoppers make easy everyday transactions with their cellphones).

In what appears to be an attempt to make Facebook more like Google+, it launched new ‘Subscribe’ buttons allowing users to follow others without actually being “Friends.”

The rumour that Facebook will offer more music/media options is something that even the New York Times has covered as well.

Don’t forget, the more time users spend on Facebook than on other websites, the better. It wants everyone to discover and find neat websites and the hottest viral videos from Facebook, not from *cough* Google.

It’s not clear how well this “major” profile page change will go over with the nearly 700-million users on Facebook. Every time they make a single change, there is usually an outpouring of anger.

What do you think about the rumoured changes? What would you like to see different with Facebook?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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