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Groupon discounts now available for university tuition

Forget discounted cupcakes, hair removal and yoga classes – Groupon is now offering discounts on university tuition.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a local post-secondary educational institution is offering students in a certain program a discount on their tuition.

National Louis University’s Groupon promotion gives students in the specific course about 60 per cent off tuition for an entry-level teaching course.

The deal will be available starting Tuesday and be open to 25 applicants to the graduate-level introduction to teaching course.

So instead of paying $2,232 for the program, the Groupon deal opens things up to prospective students willing to spend less than a grand on the program: $950 to be exact.

I can’t help but question what this means for higher education. My experience with group buying deals isn’t necessarily the best.

Take for example, a hot yoga promotion I pursued with my girlfriend. The first class we went to was so crammed with new visitors that it felt like I was in a sardine can simmering in the hot summer sun, and regulars were turned away at the door 15 minutes before class.

The student to teacher ratio was as low as the price I paid for the class, along with the quality.

Needless to say, it didn’t go well. It’s possible that other group-buying deals don’t go so well too.

So, why is the university offering the deal? Will the students be crammed in classrooms?

A senior official at the school told the Tribune that there are several factors that are “really discouraging teachers and people seeking teaching degrees” so the deal will help those to see if they “have what it takes.”

Do you think offering group deals on tuition fees is a move in the right direction?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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