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App lets drivers park their cars remotely

Having trouble parking your car? Need to sandwich your ride into a tight squeeze? There is now an app for that.

Well – not yet. But it’s very, very close to being released. The innovative app was just shown off at the 2011 International Auto Show in Frankfurt.

The Park4U iPhone app works alongside vehicles with Park4U, a feature built into some cars already being sold today.

Basically, drivers control the vehicle with the new app, twisting the wheels from side to side and nudging the gas or brakes to guide vehicles into the smallest of spots.

Now, you’re not behind the wheel. You’re behind a touchscreen.


If driving the vehicle from a smartphone is too much work, the app can take care of parking your car – entirely.

As I mentioned above, some vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Ford and Lincoln are already sitting on the lots of dealerships with the ability to park themselves with the Park4U technology.

The app just isn’t out just yet – but it’s closer than ever to hitting the App store, one can only imagine.

After all, James Bond had something similar over a decade ago. Anyone remember the car chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies?

If you’re not a 007 aficionado, here’s a refresher. Bond, trying to escape from a hotel parking lot, approaches his car to find a bunch of henchmen with machine guns surrounding the bulletproof BMW.

No problem. The secret agent pulls out the latest gadget from Q-branch: an Ericsson cellphone that opens up to reveal a touchpad which can control the car.

Bond, hiding behind a concrete column, drives his car away from the baddies thanks to the magic of Hollywood in 1997.

But thanks to the Apple iPhone app, it’s now a reality. I love cars and technology like this makes it better.

Would you drive your car from a smartphone? 

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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