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Top 2 iPad apps for students (learning)

Istudiez Heading back to school this December? If you’re a student who is lucky enough to be lugging around an iPad, here are a couple of must-have “academic” apps to keep you on course during the school year.

First up is iStudiez Pro – it’s an app designed to help keep students organized with all of those “must-do” tasks, such as handing in assignments and attending class.

OK, attendance isn’t always mandatory - especially on Friday’s in university – but it’s a pretty good idea to try your best to get there.

Hopefully iStudiez Pro, $2.99, can help. Start by entering in the class schedule, including the name of the course, where it is, the name of the prof, the prof’s office hours, etc. You get the idea.

Users can also schedule in the more important stuff, such as exams and the like. If you desire, there’s even a way to schedule in that “study period” with the cute guy or girl you just met.

Handy icons and colour-coded bullet points help users visualize their day or week ahead. A calendar day with lots of dots likely means you’ll want to stock up on lots of coffee.

The app would be better if it could sychnronize with the iPad’s event calendar, which it does not.

Next up is Auditorium Notes. For $4.99, it adds extra utility to your iOS device’s sound-recording capabilities – along with task-specific note-taking feature.

With the help of a Bluetooth keyboard, this app helps students (or anyone else for that matter) take notes in class.

Simultaneously record audio from the lecture, and set bookmarks as you go along to mark off important segments.

Users can also ditch the classroom from their desk. Even if the app is minimized, it will continue recording the lecture while you drift away on Angry Birds.

With Dropbox integration, you can easily move those audio files off your iPad and on to whatever Internet-connected device you desire. This is also handy if, for some unfortunate reason, your iPad gets stolen.

The notes can also be shared through email as well. This, along with Dropbox support, means you can share those lectures with friends – and vice versa.

These are just a couple I’ve tried out – what apps help you get through school? Next week I'll share my top two iPad apps for fun.

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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