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Macs hit with malware

It used to be that Mac users would laugh in the face of their Windows counterparts, claiming their computers were more secure. Well, they shouldn't feel so safe. 

Security experts are warning Apple computer users to be vigilant - and perhaps download some security software - as the Mac operating system comes under attack.

The latest warning sign has been the recent "Mac Defender" threat lurking around. The trojan may also go by the moniker of "Mac Security" or "Mac Protector."

The names of the threats may sound like a program that protects users from viruses and malware - but it's quite the opposite. 

The trojan horse (software that's up to no good) appears in online search results, advising Mac users to download and install software to protect themselves from threats. 

If activeated, it will open up porn websites and other junk in the background - just as a security-like window pops up asking you to buy an upgrade to remove the threats. 

Removing the malware is about as pleasant as a visit to the dentist - you can follow these steps here to clean your Mac from the threat.

Really, Mac users should be running some form of security software just to be on the safe side - and to avoid viruses and malware like this one.

Sophos has a free antivirus solution for Mac users - but if you want to shell out some cash McAfee also has a paid solution as well. 

Windows isn't perfect - they had a major release of patches just a few weeks ago. But Mac's aren't worry-free either.

Are you worried about getting viruses/malware on your computer?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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