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Video recovered from stolen laptop shows thief dancing like a fool

If you're thinking of stealing a laptop, don't. But if you really must do it, here is a way to make yourself look like even more of a fool than just a ridiculous thief.

A video is going viral of a laptop thief who made a recording of himself doing a ridiculous dance in front of the stolen computer.

How did the video get posted if the laptop was nicked?

Simple - the owner of the MacBook Air, university studet Mark Bao, used a remote data backup service he had installed on the computer to retrieve as many files as he could.

One file was a video of the thief dancing to a remix of Tyga's Make it Rain.


Bao did some more snooping around the files he recovered remotely and was able to ID the thief through temporary browser files related to recent Facebook activity.

The laptop is still MIA, but the student hopes to use the data he gleaned to help recover the computer with the help of the police.

Another way Bao could track down his laptop (without the help of the Backblaze backup system) is with LoJack for laptops.

LoJack tracks a portable computer's whereabouts and even gives users the option to delete all the data if they don't want sensitive documents getting in the wrong hands.

Are you worried about having your laptop stolen?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets

UPDATE: The laptop has been recovered - thanks to 'Mandh' for the tip!



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