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March 2011


Motorola Xoom coming to Canada in April

Xoom A few details are starting to emerge about the Motorola Xoom’s arrival in Canada.

On Monday, the wireless company said the tablet computer will hit stores “this April.”

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Want to see a hacker in action?

PROMO_W5_Intimate Details_Saturday2 It’s one thing to read about how to keep your computer secure. But not everyone takes the necessary steps to protect themselves.

If you do want to see how easy it is to hop on an unprotected wireless network and snoop on someone’s Interne­t activities, the latest episode of CTV W5’s will give you a reality check.

The'Intimate Details' episode (available to watch online) takes a look at how a seasoned hacker can snoop on your personal data.

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Review: Samsung, Google go big with the Nexus S

Nexus-S_side_front_LoRez Google and Samsung have a pretty good relationship. Some might suggest they’re married, considering the vast number of Samsung phones in Canada running the increasingly popular Android system.

So it’s no surprise that Samsung’s latest handset to launch in Canada is the Nexus S.

Now, I could go on about the phone’s specs. But first I want to tell you about the pureness of this phone.

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Social media posts that make us scream

It turns out that birds of a feather really do flock together. A study from the Univeristy of Indiana has found that happy Twitter users tend to retweet each others' posts, rather than associating with depressive users. The study, available here, looked at six months of Tweets from over 100,000 users. The analysis, which covered almost 130 million separate Tweets, found that people retweeted posts with similar levels of happiness to their own. If you're lonely and depressed, you'll probably retweet posts from other lonely and depressed users. If you're happy and perky, you'll retweet other happy, perky users. Misery, it turns out, really does love company.

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The feature you should enable for secure Tweeting

Twitter https A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of using the web over an unsecure wireless (WiFi) Internet connection.

Twitter has finally woken up to the security threat with a feature to keep things locked down.

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Could Japan crisis raise the cost of tech gadgets?

Without a doubt, Friday’s deadly earthquake and tsunami has – and is – taking a devastating toll on the people of Japan.

However, experts are starting to assess how the disaster in one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries will affect the prices of tech gadgets.

Several companies that make finished products (cameras) or important tech parts (memory) are in Japan, and it’s unclear just exactly how hard they’ve been hit.

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Former BMW designer to style phones at Samsung

BMW7 hydrogen An American known for controversial car designs at BMW has been linked to a job at Samsung.

Chris Bangle, known for making the back of the BMW 7 Series so awkward it was nicknamed as having a “Bangle Butt” will work with Samsung to design smart phones and netbooks.

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Japan - technology after the quake

One of the interesting things that I read in forums over the weekend was that Japan didn't need donations because it is already one of the richest countries in the world. The only thing it really needed, said one commentator, was expertise and human workers on the ground. Irrespective of whether you believe that (I don't), it raises another interesting point: Rich countries are often the most reliant on technology. What happens to the technology infrastructure in a country hit by a major disaster?

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How to show your support for earthquake/tsunami victims online

Twibbon_japan Hundreds of people have been killed after a violent earthquake shook Japan’s eastern coast and a deadly tsunami rolled in.

Many more are missing and the number of injured victims keeps climbing in what scientists are calling one of the five worst earthquakes since 1900.

As a result, it’s no surprise people are sharing their support online by posting messages of condolence in their Facebook status updates or Tweets. However, there’s a way to show your support or make a donation with more of an impact.

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Using tech to help & learn about Japanese quake

Further to Anna's post earlier today, here are some ways that you can keep track of what's happening in Japan, and potentially help.

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