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Viral star with the ‘golden voice’ detained

Only the other day, Ted Williams was doing TV appearances about his new found fame and up-and-coming fortunes after the homeless man's talent was rediscovered in a viral video.

But ‘The Man with the Golden Voice’ is in the media for the wrong reasons. According to the LA Times, Ted Williams was detained by police Monday night.

Sources told the Times that police were called to a hotel after Williams allegedly got into an altercation with his daughter...but few other details are known.

Time, meanwhile, is reporting that both Williams and his daughter have since been released.

Just the other day, Williams was receiving job offers left-right-and centre to do voice work and become a spokesperson for major brands. Not bad for someone who was homeless.

Williams is no stranger do danger. He was a radio announcer before he fell on hard times, including drug and alcohol abuse, along with a string of arrests and charges (as detailed in this photo collage of his mugshots). 

Can you blame him? YouTube and viral video success haves been both kind and sometimes unkind to the stars it creates, with some managing better than others.

Susan Boyle exploded onto the scene with her amazing voice, albeit with mannerisms as strange as Tobias Funke. 

She came out with an album but it was a matter of time before she was in the news for cancelling a plethora of appearances, including one on Dancing With the Stars.

Antoine Dodson of ‘Bed Intruder’ fame, meanwhile, is on a roll. Sporting a flamboyant look, Dodson revealed to Mashable he’s been working on a new album that he hopes to release soon.

He then went on to sample some rhymes from upcoming songs. They weren’t the greatest, but they weren’t horrible either.

Do these people need better support systems once they go viral? What can be done?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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