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What did users search for most often on the web this year?

Well 2010 is drawing to a close folks, and there’s a few things we now know. The economy is recovering, smartphones have taken over and the iPad is one of the most sought-after tech toys for kids.

And thanks to the folks over at search engine Bing, I can tell you what some of the most popular Internet search terms of the year were.

 Tiger-Woods.Stuart-Franklin.Getty Images North America.450x261
Canada hosted several major events in 2010 and it’s no surprise what topped the list for most-searched event. The "Vancouver Olympics" topped the category, followed by the G20 summit in Toronto. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s parliamentary proroguing came in third place.

People love their gossip, so it’s no surprise that the most-searched celebrity scandal was Lindsay Lohan’s rehab. Drugs and stars again combined for the runner up in this category, which went to Paris Hilton’s coke bust.

Judging by how much she’s changed her look, it’s hard to keep up with her latest job under the knife. Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery meltdown came third.

Let’s not forget that 2010 was an important year for municipal politics in Canada, with municipal elections taking place in cities across the nation.

Surprisingly, the gravy train didn’t give Rob Ford a ride to the top spot of the country’s most-searched mayor. That title went to Vancouver mayor Gregory Robertson. “Hurricane” Hazel McCallion, who’s been mayor of Mississauga since before social networking kingpin David Zuckerberg was a glimmer in his parent’s eyes, came second. 

Top Ten overall searches:

1.       Tiger Woods
2.       Olympics
3.       Megan Fox
4.       Kim Kardashian
5.       Brad Pitt
6.       Justin Bieber
7.       Lady Gaga
8.       Miley Cyrus
9.       Taylor Swift
10.     Sandra Bullock

For what it's worth, Canadians searched "sex" (and related terms) more often during colder months with 55 per cent of searches occuring between October and March.

What do you think was the biggest event/thing/person you searched online this year?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets

 *The search terms were tracked from Nov. 2009 to the end of Oct. 2010.



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