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Montreal man to tattoo 100,000 websites onto his back

Last week I wrote about stars leaving their digital lives behind for charity. This time, there's someone who wants to permanently change their life for a good cause. 

Patrick Vaillancourt, 29, is vying to become the man with the most web addresses tattoed to his back in an effort to raise money for charity as part of his Back2TheLight initiative.

Now, while many people strive to break world records with tremendous athletic performances, it would appear that this Montreal man is letting people what to write on his his body to win a world title - and hopefully raise some dough along the way.Vaillancourt says he's no athlete and and can't run a gazelle, so this was his way of testing himself and raising cash for a good cause.

“I woke up one morning and just felt like taking up the challenge,” says Vaillancourt, 

The tattoos aren't going to appear over night - but over the next 365 days as he asks people and companies to donate money to have their URL turned from a virtual home to a permanent one on his back.

The cost to slap a URL on his back? Only $35.

Vaillancourt will take half the money for letting others own a site his back. The other half will go to CARE Canada. Amatou Canada, an Internet marketing company, has already signed on as a major sponsor.

Something similar has been attempted before when Alex Tew made the Million Dollar Homepage, selling off 100-pixel blocks on a homepage to help him pay for university tuition. 

What do you think about getting 100,000 tattoos for charity? Is it a challenge or are there better ways to raise money?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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