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Free Friday: doubleTwist to sync your iTunes music with other phones

While Apple’s iTunes is one of the most popular music players on Windows and Mac computers, it has one problem – you can only synchronize its music library with iPods and other Apple devices.

DoubleTwist, however, is a free program that lets you sync your iTunes collection with non-Apple gadgets for free.

The latest version also supports a new feature – AirSync – which allows for wireless synching to Android devices, albeit for a fee.

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of Windows Media Player so doubleTwist is a great solution to let me easily sync my music collection in iTunes with my Android phone.

The program also works with other devices, like RIM’s BlackBerry phones and pretty much any mobile phone.

Once you install doubleTwist, you can set it to import your iTunes library. It will then scan your collection and your playlists, importing them into the free program.

After plugging your device it should guide you through the sync process. It worked on my Android phone, but not on my Nokia N8.

After setting up your phone and the sync options, let doubleTwist copy your music over from your computer to your handheld.

During the transfer, however, make sure you have something else to do. Ladies: do your nails. Guys: change the oil on your car or flick on the hockey game. It will take a while (and even longer if you spent about $5 for the nifty wireless Android app).

What do you use to transfer music from your computer to your phone? 

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets




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