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Celebrities silent their status updates for charity - success or failure?

Kim-kardashian Wednesday Dec. 1 was World Aids Day, a time to draw awareness to millions of people who are affected by HIV/AIDS in India and Africa. Infection is rampant, and sadly, the future for many there is bleak.

It’s a worthy cause that has had no shortage of Hollywood celebrities - from Kim Kardashian to Usher - coming on board to help. How are their efforts going?

Keep a Child Alive decided to start a campaign called Digital Death to raise money for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Africa and India.

Essentially, a handful of stars said they would die a digital death on the web - and it would be up to their fans to buy their lives back - and hopefully the lives of those in India and Africa.

Gossip hogs like Lady Gaga, Kimberly Cole, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys vowed to sign off social networks like Twitter and Facebook in order to each raise a million bucks.

It was up to the fans to donate money - at least $10 - to buy their stars’ digital lives back from the dead. And until the Hollywood stars’ $1 million fundraising goals were met, they couldn’t tweet or post status updates to Facebook.

Now, there’s some people who would miss insightful tweets from celebrities such as Kim, such as “I'm soooo sleepy I just need a 7min nap!”

Unfortunately, hardly anyone seems to care.

Kim Kardashian actually broke her twitter silence to ask people to support the cause - for good reason too.

At the time of writing this, nearly two days into the campaign, about $180,000 had been donated to help bring the star back from her Digital Death...and to support those with HIV/AIDS.

At that rate...doing some rough math, averaging $90,000 a day, Kim would be silenced for about eleven days. Is that terrible? I didn’t even notice, and I’m sure many people failed to feel a void in their life without her digital dispatches.

Do you miss celebrity tweets and feel compelled to donate?

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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