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Google Goggles now available for iPhone users

One of the things iPhone users are secretly jealous of is the lack of Google Goggles. But now, they’ve been let in on one of the coolest Android-only apps yet.

Google Goggles is an app that uses image detection (and sometimes your location) to deliver relevant search results automatically. Snap a picture of the CN Tower while in the city and you’ll get search results about the tower, the ‘360’ restaurant and other nearby attractions.

Goggles_golden_gate_bridge_overlay_results Thing is, whenever I have a phone running Google’s Android operating system, iPhone-toting colleagues would try to hide their envy as if I had just got back from a couple weeks in the south of France. They know it was awesome but try to downplay how much they wished they were there.

They had good reason to be jealous - up until Tuesday afternoon, the app was exclusive to Android users.

Since Tuesday, Goggles is now available to Apple iPhone users in the Google Mobile App.

Personally I’ve found Goggles to be incredibly useful to take pictures of business cards and instantly add contact information to my address book.

If you have an older iPhone or if you’re not running the latest software (iOS 4) then you’ll have to pass on Goggles – it needs at least an iPhone 3Gs or an iPhone 4 because those models have an auto-focusing camera.

Unfortunately the exclusivity Android users had with being the only ones able to access Goggles is now lost, but it would seem Google is gaining some more traction with the threat that Apple users could be presented with more options when it comes to using a service that’s been Google’s bread and butter – search.

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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