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Did a time traveler make it back to 1928?

So, is time travel real? That's the question now being raised thanks to the latest video to go viral, which purports to show someone using a cellphone–in 1928.

George Clarke, an Irish filmmaker, discovered the clip after buying a box set of Charlie Chaplin movies. While surfing the DVD extras, he ran across a clip from a Hollywood premiere of The Circus. In the clip, a figure that looks like an older lady walks into shot holding something up to her ear in the exact same way that we would hold a mobile phone today. You can also clearly see her talking into it. Clarke says that he has shown the clip to well over 100 people in the last year, and none of them can give him a reasonable explanation.

Video: Time Traveler Caught On Film

What do you think? Could the video really show someone traveling from our future back into our past? Could the device be a communications system that enabled the lady to talk to people back in the future?  Did she have time-warping colleagues, each with futuristic phones that communicated without the need for cell towers?

Scientists say that time travel is theoretically possible, but the traveler would have had to have come from far into the future, because we certainly don't have the capabilities to do it today.

Being a cynical old journalist, I tend to follow Occam's razor to the simplest explanation: an ear ache, shielding her face from the sun, or a hearing device. Anyway, if she came from a world smart enough for time travel, she'd likely have a telepathic implant, too.

But if it was possible to go back to 1928, I'd be sure to wait a year until the stock market crashed, buy shares in IBM, stick it in the bank, and then fast forward again.

How about you?

Danny Bradbury, MSN Tech & Gadgets


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