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Want to block Justin Bieber? There's an app for that

Maybe it's because I'm not a tween or a teenage girl, but I'd rather go weed my lawn in scorching heat than hear about Justin Bieber. The only pleasure he's brought me was when I watched a video of him walking into a glass door in Germany – that was a great laugh.

As I constantly surf the web, I come across countless stories that somehow involve the Canadian sensation. Thankfully, there's a program to block him out of the online experience. It's called Shaved Bieber.

Greg Leuch's application puts Bieber-related content six feet under while surfing the net, placing the power of Bieber censorship in your hands. Any mentions of "Bieber" or "Justin Bieber" plus any pictures with his name in it will be blocked. Fantastic!

Bieber_blocker You can download it either as a plug-in for browsers like FireFox and Chrome, or as a bookmarklet for other browsers like IE.

Once installed, the nifty program relieves your browsing experience of any cases of Bieber Fever.

Thank goodness, because he just added a whole lot of extra tour dates.

But while this inoculation would seem to promise praise for its founder, quite the opposite has happened.

Leuch, a software developer, has faced death threats since developing this program.

I'd link to some of the tweets this bright New York-based resident has been receiving, but sadly they've been removed.

One, however, read 'Stop with the SHAVED BIEBER!! I know how to use a gun!!! I can appear next to U at any moment!!!'

So go ahead, block the Biebs. And while you're at it, block it on your favourite fan's computer too. Looks like this mother did.

- Maurice Cacho, MSN Tech & Gadgets



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