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University student wins a smartphone!

After sifting through hundreds of submissions, we've come up with a winner for the Samsung Omnia II. Check out the winning entry!

To begin, I'll just say that I would probably consider myself to be an average University student from Kingston, Ontario. Last year, I had the brilliant idea of purchasing a touch smartphone because, well let's be honest, it looks pretty cool and I thought maybe it would help me with the ladies... just a little bit. WRONG, it was with the purchase of this touch phone that quickly summoned a nightmare that would have to last an enduring 3 year contract with this terrible device...

This smartphone did not seem too smart for me as many times its sensitive touch screen would do unimaginable things such as redialing random numbers. I do not think I can possibly recount the number of "Ghost Calls" or "Butt Calls" (As my parents call them) I have given people over the past year. Last month, my parents received one of their regular Saturday night, 2:00 a.m. "Butt Call". At the time, I was in a club with 5 of the "guys." Conversations that 20 year-old men have between each other, are definitely not meant for mother's ears!

One prominant Ghost Call that I remember would be when I accidently called my Grandmother while sitting in a theatre watching "Inglorious Basterds." I think my poor old grandmother nearly had a heart attack when all she could hear was Brad Pitt screaming and yelling, while shooting German Nazi's during WWII. She quickly called my mother and tried to explain that I was in trouble which created a huge mess. Anyways, after the movie I checked my phone and saw nearly ten missed calls and one outgoing call to "Nan".

The most recent, has my girlfriend listening through my pocket to me singing Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." while driving home from her place. Not something a man would want his lady to hear, alone the rest of the world on Facebook when she managed to record the last minute of me singing.

Help me Geektown! I don't think I can live this nightmare much longer.

--- Tim, from Kingston, Ontario (Samsung Omnia II contest winner)



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